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    Common problem in cooling tower are three types Corrotion of metal surfaces could lead to contamination of fluids and has to avoided in heat exchanges condensers. Scaling – reduces the rate of heat transfering heat,exchanges heat or condenser considerably Biofouling will reduces cooling Capacity while fungal decay destroys structural integrity. The NACSO series prevents algae , fungal , and bacterial growth. Nasco offer a range of all the above products and are available in custom design cooling water treatment programs. Following are few of ours standard products.

     Cooling Water Chemicals


    Product Code





    NASCO CW 127 Microorganism control Excellent effectiveness to control the growth of bacteria, algae and fungal Quaternary ammonium compound


    NASCO CW 147 Scale and corrosion inhibitor To control scale and corrosion formation in open recirculating cooling system Organic PO4 biodegradable


    NASCO CW 109 Micro-organism control For use a broad spectrum biocide for control of slime, algae, bacteria and other micro-organism growths in industrial cooling water systems. Blended with dispersant


    NASCO CW 107 Cooling water biocide An excellent agent for controlling algae, bacteria and fungi  


    NASCO CW 117 Microbiological control An excellent protection against bacteria, algae and fungal growth in the recirculating cooling water  


    NASCO CW 177 Closed circuit corrosion inhibitor To control corrosion, deposit and foulant  


    NASCO CW 177C Closed circuit corrosion inhibitor To control corrosion, deposits and foulant in closed cooling system, chiller, radiator, etc Film forming

    Cooling water Treatment Chemicals

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    Industrial Maintenance / Cleaner


    NASCO Products





    NASCO CL 209

    Crystalline acid cleaner

    To remove silica scale deposits from boilers and heat exchangers.



    NASCO CL 207P

    Mill scale and grease cleaner

    To remove oil, grease, pipe joint compounds or other foreign matter which may have been left during fabrication.

    Boiler boil out


    NASCO CL 207 H

    Liquid acid cleaner

    To remove scale, corrosion and other water deposit in boiler, compressor, condenser, heat exchanger and other equipments.

    For used in boilers and heat exchangers


    NASCO CL 206

    Aluminum coil cleaner

    To removes a dulling oxide layer on aluminum surface and as heavy duty cleaning for tough coil problems

    For used in air conditioner, etc


    NASCO CL 205RC

    Resin cleaner

    Using for cleaning sodium zeolite softeners which may have become fouled by iron, silt or turbidity



    NASCO 130

    Biological treatment for wastewater

    Grease trap and pipe cleaner odor control for aerated, septic tank treated lagoon, septic tank treated 

    Blend of various bacteria


    NASCO 120

    Scale and corrosion inhibitor

    An effective scale and corrosion inhibitor for once through water system

    Film forming polyphosphate


    NASCO FOT 110

    Fuel oil additive

    To eliminate sediment and sludge in fuel tanks

    Improve fuel efficiency


    NASCO CL 207S

    Rust and scale remover

    An efficient remover of rust, scale, corrosion products and passivate at the same time for base metals and other mixed metals without attacking the metal surfaces

    Compatible with stainless steel


    NASCO 623

    Cationic polyelectrolyte

    Use as a coagulant and coagulant aid

    For water clarification


    NASCO 823

    Alkaline neutralizing compound

    Use as a powerful neutralizing agent

    Used after acid clean


    NASCO 208

    Scale and alkalinity control

    To control scale and alkalinity in cooling water, recommended to use when the cooling water is became highly alkaline

    Reduced alkalinity thereby prevents scale formation.

    Industrial Maintenance / Cleaner

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    The membrane bioreactor (MBR) is the combination of a membrane process like micro filtration or Ultra Filtration with a suspended growth bioreactor, and is now widely used for municipal and industrial waste water treatment with plants. The derived effluent is of high quality enough to be discharged to coastal, surface or brackish waterways or to be reclaimed for urban irrigation. Other advantages include small footprint, easy retrofit and upgrade of old wastewater treatment plants.

    Membrane Bio Reactors

  • 13.RO dispensers

    RO dispensers is a unique product which has found increased application in various commercial businesses. Suitable for office, factories and any other places where one has to transport physically the gallon bottles and

    Features & Benefits

    • Connect to tap water and enjoy pure tasting water forever.
    • No longer need to buy, pick up and change bottles.
    • Reverse Osmosis technology to ensure healthy drinking water.
    • One year guarantee.
    • Space saving.
    • Retrofitting into your existing coolers.

    R.O. Dispensers

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    Help in protecting the integrity and increases the life expectancy of reverse osmosis elements. The program includes metallic , biological , scale inhibitors and membrane cleaning formulations to provide the full spectrum of chemicals required to ensure optimum performance.

    R/O Maintenance


    Product Code





    NASCO R/O-1

    Inorganic cleaner

    As a cleaner for inorganic salt deposit such as CaCO3, CaSO4 and BaSO4 for RO membranes



    NASCO R/O-2

    Silica and bio-film Cleaner

    To removes the fouling which resulted from accumulation of foulant such as Silica and Biofilm on the semi-permeable membrane surfaces



    NASCO R/O-3

    Metal oxide cleaner

    Cleaner for foulant caused by heavily deposited metal oxide, CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4 for RO membranes

    Organic acid blend


    NASCO R/O-4

    Organic cleaner

    As cleaner for heavy duty organic for RO membranes

    Blended with powerfull dispersant



    Colloidal cleaner

    Effective cleaner for colloidal iron, organics, silicates or calcium sulfate for RO membranes

    Special cleaner when others failed

    RO Chemicals

  • 16.Sewage Treatment Plant.

    Sewage treatment plants (STP) are waster water treatment plant using domestic waste instead of industrial. Domestic wastegenerated in Malls,Hospitals,Hotels, community centers,High Rise Buliding are not suppose to be let down the drain without confoomity to the statuary norms by environment regulation body.

    Many develop countries have Commen Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP’S) or Centralized Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant (CMSTP).But in many develop countries these are decentralized at client’s promises.We design,build and installs STP’S of different capabilities and different technologies.We are pioneenir in extended aerators technology and,We have  even recycled the treated waters for gardenings and makeup water for cooling tower.
    With our expertise in extended aerotion technology we deliver to our client various solutions,We have built STP’S with capabilities ranging from 25m3/day (Modular)) up to 1000m3/day.

    Sewage Treatment Plant – Bio Marine