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  • 16.Sewage Treatment Plant.

    Sewage treatment plants (STP) are waster water treatment plant using domestic waste instead of industrial. Domestic wastegenerated in Malls,Hospitals,Hotels, community centers,High Rise Buliding are not suppose to be let down the drain without confoomity to the statuary norms by environment regulation body.

    Many develop countries have Commen Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP’S) or Centralized Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant (CMSTP).But in many develop countries these are decentralized at client’s promises.We design,build and installs STP’S of different capabilities and different technologies.We are pioneenir in extended aerators technology and,We have  even recycled the treated waters for gardenings and makeup water for cooling tower.
    With our expertise in extended aerotion technology we deliver to our client various solutions,We have built STP’S with capabilities ranging from 25m3/day (Modular)) up to 1000m3/day.

    Sewage Treatment Plant – Bio Marine