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    We able to offer clients both Aerobic and Anaerobic systems to remove the COD and BOD in waster water. Please contact us for more specific details.


  • 9.Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

    Boiler water treatment chemicals are designed to prevent problems associated with the burning of fossil fuels.

    Boiler Water Chemicals


    Product Code





    NASCO BW 722

    Boiler feed water treatment

    To control scale and deposits caused by Ca, Mg, Iron & other polyvalent cations.

    Synthetic and natural organic base


    NASCO BW 738 H

    Boiler feed water treatment

    Prevents corrosion and oxygen scavenger. For high pressure boiler

    Hydrazine base


    NASCO BW 738 S

    Boiler feed water treatment

    Oxygen scavenger – Powder – Low pressure boiler

    Catalyzed Sulfite


    NASCO BW 717

    Boiler water scale inhibitor

    Scale inhibitor and prevents foaming – Powder form

    Poly PO4 blended with organic and antifoam


    NASCO BW 721

    Scale and corrosion inhibitor

    Prevention of scale and corrosions in boiler

    Alkalinity builder with natural organic


    NASCO BW 737

    Boiler feed water treatment

    Scale & Corrosion inhibitor, effective antifoam – Liquid

    One shot treatment


    NASCO BW 710

    Sludge dispersant

    Controlling inorganic foulant (calcium salt & other salt deposits in industrial systems)

    Synthetic sludge conditioner


    NASCO BW 727 L

    Boiler water scale inhibitor

    Scale Inhibitor, synthetic sludge conditioner

    For High Pressure boiler


    NASCO BW 747

    Boiler feed water treatment

    To prevents corrosion in steam condensate systems / Neutralizing agent

    Blend of Neutralizing amines


    NASCO BW 700

    Boiler water treatment

    To control foam effectively at elevated pressure and temperature commonly occurs in boiler



    NASCO BW 723

    Alkalinity & pH Builder

    To controls corrosion usually cause by un-reached the alkalinity or pH range limit in boiler water.

    Alkalinity builder


    NASCO CW 720

    Scale and corrosion inhibitor

    Treatment of scale and corrosion in boiler

    Polyphosphate base


    NASCO BW 739

    Boiler water treatment

    Multifunctional boiler feed water. For scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, effective anti foam. Recommended for small to medium range boiler


    Boiler water chemicals

  • 1.Clarifier

    Clarifiers are used to remove suspended solids from raw water. Conventional clarifiers are circular in structure and require higher residence time and lesser velocity. This is an ideal choice for process industries with larger water requirement. Lamella type clarifiers are relatively new generation one which requires much lesser space because they can operate at higher velocity due to increased surface area. Lamella clarifier can be plate type or tube settler type. All the above range of clarifiers and are custom designed.


  • 2.condensate-polisher-

    These are essentially are mixed bed units which are used for purifying return condensate from boiler. This operation is carried out at a higher temperature.

    Condensate polishers

  • 10.cooling-water-treatment-chemicals-

    Common problem in cooling tower are three types Corrotion of metal surfaces could lead to contamination of fluids and has to avoided in heat exchanges condensers. Scaling – reduces the rate of heat transfering heat,exchanges heat or condenser considerably Biofouling will reduces cooling Capacity while fungal decay destroys structural integrity. The NACSO series prevents algae , fungal , and bacterial growth. Nasco offer a range of all the above products and are available in custom design cooling water treatment programs. Following are few of ours standard products.

     Cooling Water Chemicals


    Product Code





    NASCO CW 127 Microorganism control Excellent effectiveness to control the growth of bacteria, algae and fungal Quaternary ammonium compound


    NASCO CW 147 Scale and corrosion inhibitor To control scale and corrosion formation in open recirculating cooling system Organic PO4 biodegradable


    NASCO CW 109 Micro-organism control For use a broad spectrum biocide for control of slime, algae, bacteria and other micro-organism growths in industrial cooling water systems. Blended with dispersant


    NASCO CW 107 Cooling water biocide An excellent agent for controlling algae, bacteria and fungi  


    NASCO CW 117 Microbiological control An excellent protection against bacteria, algae and fungal growth in the recirculating cooling water  


    NASCO CW 177 Closed circuit corrosion inhibitor To control corrosion, deposit and foulant  


    NASCO CW 177C Closed circuit corrosion inhibitor To control corrosion, deposits and foulant in closed cooling system, chiller, radiator, etc Film forming

    Cooling water Treatment Chemicals

  • 7.dissolved-air-flotation

    DAF is a waste treatment process widely used in removing oil from waste water in edible oil industries.

    Dissolved Air Flotation units