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  • 12.reverse-osmosis-water-treatment-chemicals-

    Help in protecting the integrity and increases the life expectancy of reverse osmosis elements. The program includes metallic , biological , scale inhibitors and membrane cleaning formulations to provide the full spectrum of chemicals required to ensure optimum performance.

    R/O Maintenance


    Product Code





    NASCO R/O-1

    Inorganic cleaner

    As a cleaner for inorganic salt deposit such as CaCO3, CaSO4 and BaSO4 for RO membranes



    NASCO R/O-2

    Silica and bio-film Cleaner

    To removes the fouling which resulted from accumulation of foulant such as Silica and Biofilm on the semi-permeable membrane surfaces



    NASCO R/O-3

    Metal oxide cleaner

    Cleaner for foulant caused by heavily deposited metal oxide, CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4 for RO membranes

    Organic acid blend


    NASCO R/O-4

    Organic cleaner

    As cleaner for heavy duty organic for RO membranes

    Blended with powerfull dispersant



    Colloidal cleaner

    Effective cleaner for colloidal iron, organics, silicates or calcium sulfate for RO membranes

    Special cleaner when others failed

    RO Chemicals

  • 16.Sewage Treatment Plant.

    Sewage treatment plants (STP) are waster water treatment plant using domestic waste instead of industrial. Domestic wastegenerated in Malls,Hospitals,Hotels, community centers,High Rise Buliding are not suppose to be let down the drain without confoomity to the statuary norms by environment regulation body.

    Many develop countries have Commen Effluent Treatment Plants (CETP’S) or Centralized Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant (CMSTP).But in many develop countries these are decentralized at client’s promises.We design,build and installs STP’S of different capabilities and different technologies.We are pioneenir in extended aerators technology and,We have  even recycled the treated waters for gardenings and makeup water for cooling tower.
    With our expertise in extended aerotion technology we deliver to our client various solutions,We have built STP’S with capabilities ranging from 25m3/day (Modular)) up to 1000m3/day.

    Sewage Treatment Plant – Bio Marine

  • page3153_clip_image002[1]

    Part of Storm water management requirements in neighboring countries SCE has developed containerized silt sedimentation systems designed to operate automatically and run with little attendance for long periods of time. Operators benefit from a relatively low overhead operation cost with little risk of degradation of water that is discharged to the storm water drainage.

    Silt Sedimentation

  • 5.softeners

    Water softeners are used to remove total hardness from filtered water. Soft water has a tendency to avoid corrosion in boilers, cooling systems and pipes. Softening process is an ionic process which used strong acid resins for removing total hardness partially/completely from clarified water.


  • 14.Ultraviolet

    quality systems designed to reduce bacteria, virus & other harmful contaminants.

     Features & Benefits

    • Provides disinfection without the use of chemicals
    • Reduces bacteria, virus and protozoa
    • Electronic ballasts providing constant output current over the entire operating range
    • Improved surge protection
    • Polished, 304 stainless steel reactor chambers for durability
    • Easy servicing (no need to disconnect water flow during lamp replacement)
    • Open end quartz sleeves for optimum operating temperature and sealing efficiency
    • Aluminum base for quick and easy servicing


    • Well water
    • Surface water
    • Municipal water
    • Food service & processing
    • Hospitals
    • Aquaculture
    • Electronics
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Hotels
    • Water bottlers
    • Laboratories

    Ultraviolet Units

  • fresh water maker

    Our SW Series Model is able to treat sea water and convert it to drinking water with a TDS of below 500 ppm. Our clients include sea resorts, Leisure boats, Accommodation barges and other commercial applications where fresh water is not available.

    Fresh Water Maker